Is not wearing a seat belt a moving violation in Las Vegas?

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Seat Belt Law and Punishment in Nevada
Seat belt laws are curious things. As awareness has grown over the years over how much of a difference these belts really do make in crash survival rates and injury reduction, many state governments have taken it on themselves to enforce safety on their citizens through requiring the wearing of a seat belt by law.

Still, some people retain a curious aversion to safety gear, and may not like, or forget, to wear a seat belt. If this happens and an officer catches sight, is it a moving violation?

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Though Nevada law requires the driver and all passengers in a vehicle to wear seat belts, neglecting to do so is not a moving violation. It is classified as a secondary offense, rather than primary.

This means a few things: a police officer cannot pull you over simply for not wearing a seat belt; there has to be a separate “primary” violation that results in the stop. Secondly, getting a ticket for not wearing a seat belt will not result in demerit points from the Nevada DMV.

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What is a moving violation?

A moving violation is a breach of traffic laws that occurs while the vehicle is in motion. These types of violations often increase insurance premiums and have other undesirable repercussions.

A man wearing glasses responsibly buckles his seat belt in what may be Las Vegas, NV.What is the punishment for not wearing a seat belt in Las Vegas?
In the state of Nevada, the punishment for not wearing a seat belt is a maximum $25 fine. Be careful not to ignore the ticket, as a bench warrant can be issued if you do so.

However, not securing your child in a booster seat is a different story entirely: this carries a maximum $500 fine or 50 hours of community service for the first offense.

Is there any state that does not require you to wear a seat belt?
The only state without a mandatory seat belt requirement is New Hampshire. All other 49 states will punish an aversion to buckling up to varying degrees.

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