Take the Pressure Out of Inflating Your Tires

May 29th, 2018 by

How does the Nissan Easy-Fill Tire Alert System work?
Properly inflated tires can be safer and also offer better gas mileage but getting all four tires on a vehicle to the correct pressure can be a hassle. Many manufacturers offer a tire monitoring system that will let drivers know when the pressure in their tires is getting too low, but Nissan goes the extra mile and actually will let you know when your tires are properly inflated. But how does the Nissan Easy-Fill Tire Alert System work?

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It’s simple! Drivers park their vehicles like they usually would near an air pump and turn the engine off but leave the ignition in the “on” position. Drivers can attach the air pump as usual but will not need a gauge. As soon as the tires begin getting air, the vehicle’s lights will flash to show that the Easy-Fill Tire Alert system is working. When the tires get to the correct pressure, the vehicle’s horn will sound.

What if I add too much air to my Nissan’s tires?
If you don’t respond to the horn quickly enough, or even miss it, your Nissan vehicle equipped with the Easy-Fill Tire Alert system will also let you know there is too much air in your tires. The horn will sound again, and the hazard lights will flash several times.

What are the advantages of properly inflated tires?
Tires are designed to have a specific amount of air. Having too much or too little can have several unpleasant results. Tires can wear out more quickly if they are not properly inflated, and they may also not deliver the best fuel efficiency. They may also offer less grip when not correctly filled, which can affect stopping and acceleration.

What Nissan vehicles are available with the Easy-Fill Tire Alert?
Twelve models in the Nissan lineup are currently available with Easy-Fill Tire Alert. They are:

Rogue Sport
Versa Note

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